Saturday, 10 July 2010

World leaders will be gathering in Johannesburg at the end of the World Cup to discuss the global education crises.

Dear friend,Shakira and NthabisengWhen Shakira was seven years old, her Christmas gift was a typewriter. On it, she wrote the poetry that was to become her songs. Education is the key to unlocking the best in all of us.
Yesterday Shakira met with her friend Nthabiseng, an amazing young student who lives in the Soweto township. Only 12 years old, she's a beautiful writer and already a natural leader. Despite facing many challenges, her future looks bright.
Education has changed both of their lives. Like you, they're committed to ensuring every child has that same chance. That’s why Shakira and Nthabiseng have joined forces to launch an urgent new plan -- and they need your help.
This Sunday, world leaders are gathering nearby to discuss the education crisis, and the decisions they make will have a huge impact. We have just a few days to take our global call to the next level and ensure our voices are heard.
Watch this video of Shakira and Nthabiseng announcing their urgent campaign, and then join them by sending your own message today:
Every day, 72 million children around the world are denied the chance to set foot inside a classroom.
These children are future artists and singers, scientists and doctors, inventors and leaders who can't even begin to offer their gifts to the world. And we all pay the price for this injustice. Every day this goes on is another song you'll never hear, another invention you'll never use, and a new cure you'll never receive.
So let's not wait another moment.
The summit is this Sunday, just before the World Cup Final. But we still have time to make our voices heard, even above the vuvuzela horns, and push world leaders to provide education for every child.
Join with Nthabiseng and Shakira by adding your message to world leaders, and then ask your friends to do the same.
Thanks for making a difference,
The 1GOAL team

PS – Working together, Nthabiseng, you and Shakira can help get every single child around the world an education. Check out the video of Nthabiseng and Shakira signing their messages here, and then add your own message to theirs before Sunday.

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