Friday, 9 July 2010


 2 -5 July 2010 - Thessaloniki, Greece

I've come back home from the 17th Annual Directors' Meeting and still can't make up my mind what to write about: the lecturers, Lilika Couri and Suzanne Antonaros, the joy to have met our colleagues from Linguata (Republic of Moldova), Big Ben (Bulgaria), Paratiritis (Serbia), Lexis (Romania) and Pharos (Greece), the wonderful sights of the city etc.

It was a never-to-forget experience, swinging from visits to archeological sites dating back to Galerius' s time, to Mrs. Couri's seminars on NLP, or the workshops on the new tools for teaching/learning languages provided by communications technology delivered by Mrs. Antonaros.

The workshop activities on language learning and the presentations on Social Media Marketing delivered by Machi Mpikou, Theodoros Folias and Mioara Iacob gave the participants an image of today and a glimpse of the future.

When Mr. Petros Papasarantopoulos closed the session I understood what the recipe all these people have used to stay together for 17 years:

Everybody gets along, everybody plays for their branch, their company, their country and each other.

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