Wednesday, 28 July 2010

S.O.S ! Cine mai poate salva invatamantul romanesc?

Cu cateva ore in urma am postat un nou mesaj lansat in cadrul actiunii 1 GOAL for Education. Este uimitoare eficienta organizatorilor, tenacitatea cu care se implica in fiecare eveniment pentru a aminti lumii ca nimic nu este mai important in acest moment decat educatia. Social Media si-a dovedit puterea; un marketing discret, dar energic si cu target precis a facut ca mesajele sa faca inconjurul lumii si sa stranga peste 14 mil. de semnaturi. Voluntarii nu au avut altceva de facut decat sa sustina idea si s-o transmita mai departe. Nu s-au cerut bani, nu s-au transmis invitatii la seminarii; s-a
repetat de milioane de ori ca liderii planetei au obligatia si puterea sa dea copiilor sansa la o viata mai buna. Regina Rania, Shakira, Bono si cateva vedete din fotbal au fost magnetii care au atras atentia si au dat credibilitate actiunii. In rest, bunavointa, entuziasmul si convingerea fiecarui voluntar Twitter si Facebook ca implicarea sa este importanta si “vazuta”. Si intalnirea la nivel inalt a avut loc, singura tema de discutie fiind educatia.

Si invatamantul romanesc are nevoie de ajutor. “Bolnavul” se afla la Reaminare si incercarile de resuscitare pe care cateva grupuri de entuziasti le fac sunt doar ca niste mangaieri pe fruntea unui pacient aflat in coma. In multe zone din tara si in anumite comunitati situatia copiilor nu difera mult de a celor din India sau tari africane.

In comunitatea mea Facebook citesc cu placere toate anunturile postate de grupuri profesionale, de opinie sau de initiativa: ‘Dreptul de a citi’, ‘Fiecare copil in scoala’, ‘Fundatia Principesa Margareta’, ‘Gala Premiilor in Educatie’, ‘Lecturi urbane’, ‘Tineret in actiune’ etc.

Ceea ce n-am simtit pana acum este vigoarea actiunii. Am descoperit oameni inteligenti, ganduri sincere, am aplaudat generozitatea unor oameni de afaceri, dar rezultatele nu sunt nici pe departe spectaculoase. In educatie avem nevoie de interventie energica, de coerenta si asta nu poate fi realizat de cateva ONG-uri, fundatii sau grupuri de tineri entuziasti. Dar nu am vazut pe nimeni sa se revolte si sa comenteze rezultatele de la Bacalaureat 2010 sau de la Examenul pentru definitivat 2010. Prea multi profesori si elevi de nota 5. Ce sansa avem ca acestia sa creeze o Romanie de nota 5?

Ce parere ai? Se va gasi un intelectual, un grup de oameni de cultura in stare sa urneasca un proiect national pentru reabilitarea sistemului educational? Se va trezi vreun parlamentar din motaiala sa-si aminteasca ca fiecarui copil din Romania ii este asigurat dreptul la invatatura, iar dreptul la cultura ii este garantat conf. Art. 32 si 33 din Constitutia Romaniei? Asigurat. Garantat. Aproape ca-ti vine sa crezi.

Care este pedeapsa pentru incalcarea drepturilor constitutionale?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

1GOAL: Six Ideas to Step up for Education on Mandela Day

1GOAL: Six Ideas to Step up for Education on Mandela Day

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Nu uitati concursul si cele 9 burse scolare pentru 2010 - 2011!


Mai sunt  doua luni pana la incheierea concursului "Lexis ... and the whole world is yours!" organizat de Lexis Scoli de Limbi Straine. Mai aveti doua luni de calatorii, lectura, experiente si prietenii noi -  toate, surse excelente de inspiratie. 

Va reamintim ca detaliile privind desfasurarea concursului le gasiti, vizitand: (pagina CONTEST), sau (rubrica NOUTATI).

Daca nu va este teama de concurenta, de provocari, va asteptam! Suntem convinsi ca ne veti surprinde cu lucrari originale pe care suntem nerabdatori sa le rasplatim si sa le popularizam.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

MY FRIND FROM GHANA - an extraordinary young man

Dear Mioara,

I am writing to you as a fellow 1GOAL supporter, to share my story. My name is Stephen Odai and I am 18 years old from Accra in Ghana. I just finished my basic school and now I play football. Two weeks ago I was signed by one of the big clubs in Ghana, Liberty Professionals.
I have six brothers and sisters and I am the first born, so they are all depending on me. I was not in school because of lack of finance, but one day my headmaster called me and said ‘Stephen if you want to play football you have to further your education.’
It was hard because I didn't have money for the fees. All the money went to buy food for my family.
The only way out for me was to go to the road side and sell items so that I can raise money for my admission fees. I did that for some months and I was able to raise the money for my admission fee, and to support my family.
Without education attached to my football I cannot make it in life.  I raise the money, but many of my friends cannot pay the admission fee and do not go to school.
I realise it is not enough to make sure I can go to school. I want to help everyone have the same chance to go to school.
Leaders from all over the world are coming to South Africa the day of the final match to talk about education. I have sent them my message, so if you join me and send your message, I hope they will listen to all of us.
I would like to show you a video that tells my story. And then I ask you to send your own message to world leaders about the importance of education:
One day I met 1GOAL people in Ghana and I explained everything that I am going through about how I manage to pay my own school fees and my family as well. 1GOAL connect football and education like me, and they asked me to come to South Africa to share my story.
I met the Ghana team and my hero Richard Kingson presented me with a ticket to watch the match against Uruguay in Soccer City. It was amazing and I am not going to forget the experience in my life.
I hope that one day I play at Chelsea and play for my national team the Black Stars as well. I’m training hard and practising hard to get there because there is a saying that the sky is the limit, and I will never give up even though things are difficult.
I hope this dream comes true for all children. So I would like to use this opportunity to urge parents, our leaders and all people to support 1GOAL for the 72 million children who don’t have the chance to go to school.

Stephen Odai on behalf of 1GOAL

1GOAL: Stephen's Story

1GOAL: Stephen's Story

Saturday, 10 July 2010

World leaders will be gathering in Johannesburg at the end of the World Cup to discuss the global education crises.

Dear friend,Shakira and NthabisengWhen Shakira was seven years old, her Christmas gift was a typewriter. On it, she wrote the poetry that was to become her songs. Education is the key to unlocking the best in all of us.
Yesterday Shakira met with her friend Nthabiseng, an amazing young student who lives in the Soweto township. Only 12 years old, she's a beautiful writer and already a natural leader. Despite facing many challenges, her future looks bright.
Education has changed both of their lives. Like you, they're committed to ensuring every child has that same chance. That’s why Shakira and Nthabiseng have joined forces to launch an urgent new plan -- and they need your help.
This Sunday, world leaders are gathering nearby to discuss the education crisis, and the decisions they make will have a huge impact. We have just a few days to take our global call to the next level and ensure our voices are heard.
Watch this video of Shakira and Nthabiseng announcing their urgent campaign, and then join them by sending your own message today:
Every day, 72 million children around the world are denied the chance to set foot inside a classroom.
These children are future artists and singers, scientists and doctors, inventors and leaders who can't even begin to offer their gifts to the world. And we all pay the price for this injustice. Every day this goes on is another song you'll never hear, another invention you'll never use, and a new cure you'll never receive.
So let's not wait another moment.
The summit is this Sunday, just before the World Cup Final. But we still have time to make our voices heard, even above the vuvuzela horns, and push world leaders to provide education for every child.
Join with Nthabiseng and Shakira by adding your message to world leaders, and then ask your friends to do the same.
Thanks for making a difference,
The 1GOAL team

PS – Working together, Nthabiseng, you and Shakira can help get every single child around the world an education. Check out the video of Nthabiseng and Shakira signing their messages here, and then add your own message to theirs before Sunday.

Friday, 9 July 2010


 2 -5 July 2010 - Thessaloniki, Greece

I've come back home from the 17th Annual Directors' Meeting and still can't make up my mind what to write about: the lecturers, Lilika Couri and Suzanne Antonaros, the joy to have met our colleagues from Linguata (Republic of Moldova), Big Ben (Bulgaria), Paratiritis (Serbia), Lexis (Romania) and Pharos (Greece), the wonderful sights of the city etc.

It was a never-to-forget experience, swinging from visits to archeological sites dating back to Galerius' s time, to Mrs. Couri's seminars on NLP, or the workshops on the new tools for teaching/learning languages provided by communications technology delivered by Mrs. Antonaros.

The workshop activities on language learning and the presentations on Social Media Marketing delivered by Machi Mpikou, Theodoros Folias and Mioara Iacob gave the participants an image of today and a glimpse of the future.

When Mr. Petros Papasarantopoulos closed the session I understood what the recipe all these people have used to stay together for 17 years:

Everybody gets along, everybody plays for their branch, their company, their country and each other.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


A mai ramas putin timp pentru a creste sansa la educatie a celor aproape 72 mil. de copii analfabeti. Doar un click, niciun RON!

Did you know I’m a member of the biggest squad at this World Cup – one that boasts 201 world-class football stars, 63 clubs and associations, 31 celebrities and world leaders?
It’s the 1GOAL Squad, and it’s been formed to kick the most important goal at this World Cup: education for every single child in the world. That means convincing world leaders to provide education for the 72 million children currently not in school, missing out on the opportunities an education provides.
The good news is the 1GOAL Squad is recruiting – and our 1GOAL scouts have told me they would love to have YOU on the team! Just click here to sign with the 1GOAL Squad:

As teams line up for the World Cup Final, our squad is sending a message to world leaders meeting there that we want education for the 72 million children that don’t have it. Sign up to the Squad today to join us and kick that goal!

 Mioara  Iacob