Thursday, 1 July 2010


A mai ramas putin timp pentru a creste sansa la educatie a celor aproape 72 mil. de copii analfabeti. Doar un click, niciun RON!

Did you know I’m a member of the biggest squad at this World Cup – one that boasts 201 world-class football stars, 63 clubs and associations, 31 celebrities and world leaders?
It’s the 1GOAL Squad, and it’s been formed to kick the most important goal at this World Cup: education for every single child in the world. That means convincing world leaders to provide education for the 72 million children currently not in school, missing out on the opportunities an education provides.
The good news is the 1GOAL Squad is recruiting – and our 1GOAL scouts have told me they would love to have YOU on the team! Just click here to sign with the 1GOAL Squad:

As teams line up for the World Cup Final, our squad is sending a message to world leaders meeting there that we want education for the 72 million children that don’t have it. Sign up to the Squad today to join us and kick that goal!

 Mioara  Iacob

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