Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lexis4Communication: ONE GOAL - EDUCATION FOR ALL

Lexis4Communication: ONE GOAL - EDUCATION FOR ALL


Recent am descoperit cu placere pe Twitter o postare despre Cupa Mondiala FIFA care isi leaga numele de o campanie decenta si eleganta - "Fotbal pentru educatie". Afla detalii si transmite stirea mai departe. DE CE? Pentru ca 72 mil. de copii inca nu stiu sa citeasca. Pentru ca doar prin educatie se poate scapa de saracie. Si pentru ca NU trebuie sa donezi bani.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

TWITTER VOCABULARY AND TOOLS for non-native speakers of English

Are you a newbie (newcomer, inexperienced user)? I hope my list of terms will help you.
140ism = a miscommunication in 140 characters or fewer.
Actwivist = one who uses a Twitter message to support or oppose a political, social, or environmental cause Attwacker = someone that verbally assaults someone on Twitter
Bulltwitter = a twitter user who's not truthful when tweeting
DeTweet = to delete a Tweet
EavesTweeting = to join a conversation that you were not previously part of
FollowFriday = a tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your followers about other Twitterers that are worth following
Knowl or nowl = knowledge (used to describe above average subject comprehension)
Twitterbird = twitter maniac
SnoopTwitter = to investigate with curiosity other Twitters
Spitter = a Twitter spammer
Switch twitter = person maintaining multiple Twitter accounts
Twamous = widely known, or honored for achievement on Twitter
Twankster = a person that pulls pranks, hoax, and jokes on Twitter
Twanslator = an application that enables you to translate your tweets or other people's tweets into any other language
Twatter = Twitter chatter
Twedia = Media on Twitter
Tweeple = people in Twitter
Tweetjacking = hijacking someone's tweet by switching their link for your own and retweeting to drive traffic to your own target page.
Twetiquette = using proper Twitter manners, behavior, decorum
Twequilibrium = When your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow
Twerd = a twitter nerd, e.g. one who contributes to a twitter dictionary

Want to make a decision who to keep following? Twitter Grader, Twinfluence, Tweetcloud will tell you how.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


What's in 140 characters? The whole world. Last week I started my online journey from Bucharest, Romania, and in just a couple of days I found myself on Twitter Planet, via the USA, Brasil, Canada, India, Craiova in Romania, the UK.
Who's on (my)Twitter? Wise, talented, hilarious, grave, sensible and sensitive people. Men of character. The Writer, the Speaker, the Fisherman, the Designer, the Marketer, the DJ, the Composer, the IT specialist, the Entrepreneur, the Manager, the Gardener, the Filmmaker, the Traveller, the Cameraman, the online Gamer, the Animal Protector, the Philosopher,the Photographer, the Granddad, the Singer, the Painter, and last but not least my colleague.

Hello every single one of you!

Andy Andrews, Animalpediario, Atitudinea (The Attitude), BillZucker, Bloggernott, Brojody, CeeBee 308, Brazilionegocio, Citatecelebre (Famous quotations), CoachJoe, Designer Depot, drub 360, fxp 123, Gradina vesela (Happy garden), iTechBox, JET 739, JKWleadership, kerrigillis, Lead Today,  Monica Mondiru, PositiveShare, tweetbird 2, toateBlogurile (All Romanian blogs), Shane Poffenber, Steve_Nguyen, swanverna .

140 characters.Words of wisdom or just common sense. That's all it takes to meet wonderful people.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Exista o componenta educationala a site-urilor sociale?

Am citit recent - si imi cer scuze ca nu-mi amintesc sursa - ca atunci cand te hotarasti sa experimentezi Social Media trebuie sa stii exact ce stil de viata iti alegi. Daca vrei sa “traiesti” atmosfera de pub, Hi5 sau MySpace iti ofera o conversatie lejera: o barfa mica, o replica frivola. Daca esti genul mai “asezat”, Facebook pare sa creeze atmosfera de la un barbecue in curtea casei, cu familia si prietenii: adolescenti imprevizibili, unchi cu inclinatii intelectuate, bunici sfatosi, atmosfera spumoasa, dar decenta, presarata cu picanterii pe ici-colo. Si in sfarsit, LinkedIn unde nu ai ce cauta daca nu esti workaholic. Aici dai peste directori executivi, specialisti in marketing sau resurse umane, fiinte cu sange rece preocupati de SEO, CEO, ROI etc... Pare plictisitor, dar acesti oameni nu pierd timpul. Stiu exact ce menire au: sa faca bani.

Unde este locul educatiei in aceasta comunitate?