Sunday, 25 April 2010

TWITTER VOCABULARY AND TOOLS for non-native speakers of English

Are you a newbie (newcomer, inexperienced user)? I hope my list of terms will help you.
140ism = a miscommunication in 140 characters or fewer.
Actwivist = one who uses a Twitter message to support or oppose a political, social, or environmental cause Attwacker = someone that verbally assaults someone on Twitter
Bulltwitter = a twitter user who's not truthful when tweeting
DeTweet = to delete a Tweet
EavesTweeting = to join a conversation that you were not previously part of
FollowFriday = a tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your followers about other Twitterers that are worth following
Knowl or nowl = knowledge (used to describe above average subject comprehension)
Twitterbird = twitter maniac
SnoopTwitter = to investigate with curiosity other Twitters
Spitter = a Twitter spammer
Switch twitter = person maintaining multiple Twitter accounts
Twamous = widely known, or honored for achievement on Twitter
Twankster = a person that pulls pranks, hoax, and jokes on Twitter
Twanslator = an application that enables you to translate your tweets or other people's tweets into any other language
Twatter = Twitter chatter
Twedia = Media on Twitter
Tweeple = people in Twitter
Tweetjacking = hijacking someone's tweet by switching their link for your own and retweeting to drive traffic to your own target page.
Twetiquette = using proper Twitter manners, behavior, decorum
Twequilibrium = When your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow
Twerd = a twitter nerd, e.g. one who contributes to a twitter dictionary

Want to make a decision who to keep following? Twitter Grader, Twinfluence, Tweetcloud will tell you how.

Want to know who’s not following you in return? Twitter Karma 
Or when somebody stops following and why. Qwitter Tweetparty organizes your friends into different groups and send direct messages to them.
Twitterfeed is a tool for bloggers. Whenever you update your blog post Twitterfeed automatically updates it in your Twitter.  
Tweet Cube lets you to share files on Twitter. Just Tweet It is the Twitter directory where you can find other people based on different categories.
TwitterCounter provides badge for your blog or site which shows how many follower is following you. Twitoria finds anyone who has been inactive for the past week, up to one year.
TweetSum rates your followers, categorize them as tweets you don’t want to follow.
Tweepler give you stats about new followers and helps you make a decision if to follow them back. TweetMeme finds the latest, hottest stories for you to retweet.
TweetDeck is a browser that allows users to connect with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. Tweet Adder automatically builds up your Twitter Follower Network and increases in your twitter.

If you know more, don't hesitate to mention them in your comments.

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