Wednesday, 21 April 2010


What's in 140 characters? The whole world. Last week I started my online journey from Bucharest, Romania, and in just a couple of days I found myself on Twitter Planet, via the USA, Brasil, Canada, India, Craiova in Romania, the UK.
Who's on (my)Twitter? Wise, talented, hilarious, grave, sensible and sensitive people. Men of character. The Writer, the Speaker, the Fisherman, the Designer, the Marketer, the DJ, the Composer, the IT specialist, the Entrepreneur, the Manager, the Gardener, the Filmmaker, the Traveller, the Cameraman, the online Gamer, the Animal Protector, the Philosopher,the Photographer, the Granddad, the Singer, the Painter, and last but not least my colleague.

Hello every single one of you!

Andy Andrews, Animalpediario, Atitudinea (The Attitude), BillZucker, Bloggernott, Brojody, CeeBee 308, Brazilionegocio, Citatecelebre (Famous quotations), CoachJoe, Designer Depot, drub 360, fxp 123, Gradina vesela (Happy garden), iTechBox, JET 739, JKWleadership, kerrigillis, Lead Today,  Monica Mondiru, PositiveShare, tweetbird 2, toateBlogurile (All Romanian blogs), Shane Poffenber, Steve_Nguyen, swanverna .

140 characters.Words of wisdom or just common sense. That's all it takes to meet wonderful people.

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