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You want to become fluent in English, but learning it is not exactly a piece of cake. It was easier to make your business profitable. Why does it take so long to become proficient in English? According to statistics, you need at least 600 class hours. But success depends on different factors: your ability to learn languages, your motivation, and most importantly the level of proficiency you want to attain.

Much practice is required to develop your writing skills. Most learners have definitely felt the pressures created by the inconsistencies of English spelling. For adult learners this causes a lot of stress. To avoid this unpleasant aspect, students should first learn about their brain and personality. Are you a logical person, do you need details and concrete situations? These are left brain dominance characteristics and you’ll probably show good speaking skills. Right brain characteristics make you more intuitive and visual. This helps the student memorize spelling patterns easier. However, irrespective of what type you are, there are techniques that help both categories improve their English spelling faster.

Why would one want to become a better speller? Because poor spelling creates a bad impression.

 Briefly, to improve your spelling you need to:
  • Develop an interest in words. Read, memorize words and learn about the meaning(s) of words.
  • Learn how words are built up
  • Learn basic spelling patterns
  • Take notes, highlight words and phrases or underline them, use coloured pencils, repeat to help your brain recall the information or the image by creating long term memory. This helps you process the information by observing, understanding and memorizing.
  • Create your own tests
 LIST No. 3

The key lime is a smaller, more fragrant variety of the common lime, ranging in size from just 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in diameter.
The key lime distinguishes itself in ways other than size. Its rind is thinner and more delicate and its colour is light yellowish. Key limes are more acidic, have a greater number of seeds, and also have a more distinctive aroma than the larger limes.

All visual information that the human mind receives is processed by a part of the brain known as The visual cortex is that part of the brain that processes all visual information the mind receives. It is located in the occipital lobe (the lower back of the brain).

Spelling and word games – Why? Because you can spend time together with your family, help kids enjoy learning without thinking of being tested. Several spelling and word games have been popular for some time: Scrabble®, Boggle®, Junior Scrabble, How Smart are We? or Everybody Wins. Do you want to improve your spelling? Write down as many words as you can and count them up for the family score, instead of using points.

A dental ceramist prepares dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and veneers. These dental professionals work in laboratory environments with materials like ceramics and metal, receiving three to four years of training in order to practice on their own as ceramists.

Academic redshirting is a relatively new term that applies to delaying entrance into kindergarten for young children.
In the US the typical age at which a child is eligible for kindergarten is five, providing the child turns five by a date somewhere close to the start of the school year. Academic redshirting refers to the postponement of kindergarten entrance until the year after the child is eligible to attend, when the child would be six years of age or turning six close to the start of the school year. (Source for wordlist:

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