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You can learn new words from newspapers, TV programmes, games, wordlists etc. Most adults find wordlists too systematic .Consequently, learning from them is considered boring. Wrong. Learning systematically is good because you don’t become overloaded. We’ve come to a compromise; our lists of words are not systematic! Instead, they will give you a chance to develop your vocabulary by surfing the English lexis randomly: rare words and phrases, unusual and unexpected structures, newly coined words and many other word formation types: derivations, clippings etc. For many of you, this might become an efficient strategy to improve your English because:
• the definitions will help you think in English
• the new concepts increase your curiosity and knowledge in a meaningful manner

There are different learning strategies one can use successfully, but the most important thing is to find out the method that works best for YOU. Strategies range from memorization to fun and interesting games. They are more or less efficient according to the type of learner who uses them.
If you are a visual learner, you should read and write more than listen to a tape. (Read online for more practice. You don't need to leave the blog. Go to the bottom of the page and watch NEWS VIDEOS from Washington Post, or download one of the excellent FREE e-books.)
On the other hand, the auditory type learns from songs and commercials, films etc. (Tip! Record yourself pronouncing new words, reading dialogues, short sentences etc. Listen to the tape while driving or when you do simple chores at home.)
If you are a tactile learner, you’ll probably need a coursebook, a dictionary and notebooks, projects to design etc. Irrespective of what type you are, the main strategies work through the same processes; you need clarification on the new concepts, sometimes you guess or deduce, you need to practice and memorize.
This is not all you have to do to achieve your final goal as a language learner - the communicative skill. In order to become an efficient communicator, you shouldn’t ignore the social strategies; engage in conversations, ask questions, post articles and comments. It's the perfect way to practise your knowledge and indirectly improve it. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for such activities. Don’t miss it!
And don’t forget! Social Media is the best place to share. If you use an effective learning technique, let us know about it. SHARE!

When you are the only one at the airport who can’t find your luggage, you feel very angry and frustrated. This feeling is called baggravation.
Have you ever tried funkinetics? You should if you need exercise; it’s a new form of aerobics, an energetic form that mixes exercise and soul music.
You’ve just come back from the dream holiday: fabulous hotel and food, fabulous landscape. In fact, it was beyond fabulous; it was fantabulous.

A spelunker is a person who explores caves as a hobby. Two other terms applied to those who partake in cave exploration are caver and speleologist. However, the latter two terms are generally reserved for those with training and education in the science of caving. Spelunkers are usually amateurs who don't follow any specific guidelines for traversing the passages of caves to retrieve data for scientific study
Retrocession is used in two very different ways. In the financial world, it refers to a situation in which one firm which specializes in reinsurance agrees to take on some of the risk for another reinsurance company. The term can also be used to refer to the ceding of land, usually involving the return of land to the original owner.
A sticker price is the listed price for an item. Usually, it is the manufacturer's retail price, and it may be negotiable. The term "sticker price" comes from the idea that the price of an item is often marked with the use of a removable sticker, allowing people to conceal the true cost of the item if it is used for a gift.
A log flume generally refers to one of two things: either the literal device used to move logs from one location to another, or the amusement park ride based on the concept of actual device. Flumes are generally any sort of artificial construct intended to move water from one place to another, and are often used in dams.
Top hat plans are a form of retirement plans that are not offered to the general employee force of a firm. Generally, a plan of this type is reserved for key executives of the firm and occasionally a select few other employees, depending on the structure of the plan. (Source for last five terms:

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