Sunday, 1 August 2010


Dear young person,

You continue avoiding your assigned summer reading books. Right? You find multiple reasons. Right? Come on. Admit it. You've never been an avid reader. You are addicted to computers. So, am I. Nevertheless, I read a lot. I love British literature. I have no right to persuade you into buying and reading books.

I have a proposition instead. Go to: and make the acquaintance of some of the greatest British writers. You'll use your computer competences and knowledge of English (Intermediate level+)in an entertaining way: by practicing listening, reading and computer games abilities.

Are you a 21st Century Sherlock Holmes? Become an investigator or time traveller.(?) Go to:

I recommend Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Seduction and Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

There is a lot more. See for yourself. You might want to read or buy a book after that. Have a good time!

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