Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lexis ... and the whole world is yours!

  • Getting the right qualifications for a job is only half the battle.To stand out from the crowd, you need to demonstrate the skills and qualities to succeed in the world of work: 
  • Enthusiasm and determination 
  • Problem-solving and negotiating ability
  • Communication skills

    Attending a language course gives you time to reflect and learn from the situations created during the lessons and to identify new areas for personal development, such as communication, assertiveness or influencing. Through language practice you’ll develop a sense of willingness to further learn and develop.
    Besides gaining a first-hand experience - by meeting a friendly teaching team and our wonderful students - you’ll also get insight into a vibrant language school. Our students have had a unique chance to improve their knowledge and build confidence and self-awareness prior to starting out in their career.

    We know best that getting your career off the ground may seem daunting, but with our enthusiastic staff we show support and willingness to point you in the right direction.
    Acquisition of a foreign language does not mean preparing for examination success; it also reveals the language students the manifold challenges of our world today: social, technological, environmental, political and economic.
We want each student—boy or girl, undergraduate or company executives - to be able to face these challenges and when at a point of their life they look back on their Lexis experience, we want them feel that the Lexis teacher was a loyal friend who provided them a passport to the world … the passport to freedom
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