Saturday, 30 January 2010

About improving your communication skills

Improving your communication skills will enable you to establish better working relationships. Here are some keys that will help you unlock the door to successful communication not only at work, but also in all your relationships.
  1. It is important that people relate to one another. When they can meet in person and read each other’s body language, they can feel the energy the connection creates.
  2. No one achieves success alone. Make an effort to become friends with people in different departments within your company, meet new people in your community, and look for experiences or interests you have in common. Once the network has been created people can communicate openly, trust each other, feel comfortable and rely on each other.  
  3. Always be courteous in your communications with others. Courtesy lets people know that you care. Listen to what others are saying and show interest in the conversation. Listening demonstrates respect and admiration. Make your conversation like a game of tennis and keep the ball going back and forth.
  4. Be consistent and clear in your workplace communications. Consistency builds trust. Asking, “Did I explain this clearly?” will assure that people understood what you said. Control your voice, facial expression, gestures, and be prepared for compromise. This will always decrease the tension
  5. You cannot hold a person’s interest if you have nothing interesting to say. You can learn to be an interesting communicator. Read your hometown paper daily. Read business literature so you can know what is going on in your business. Tell a few short personal stories about your interesting experiences, inoffensive anecdotes about mutual friends.
Effective communication will have a beneficial effect both on the manager and the employees. They’ll realize the team have started functioning like a cohesive group, they are getting the results they want, and they will always have enough time to have everything done.