Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Admission College Interview (2) - The Secrets of Body Language

Do interviews matter? 
It depends on the school. In many cases it counts; undoubtedly, the interviewee can prove thoughtfulness, facility with words and commitment. Fewer and fewer former admission officers say that interviews are inefficient. More and more universities go back to the old times when interviews were not mandatory. Consequetly, candidates are now warned they cannot participate in the interview underprepared, without previous research and training.
What kind of questions can you expect?
There are typical questions and unexpected ones. The interviewer (college student, alumnus* or alumna, admisssion officer) decides. Anyway, it's not the questions you need to be afraid of; only 7 percent of the message is conveyed through words. The interviewer is looking for the real picture of you, trying to learn who you really are. The truth leaks out through the remaining 93 percent non-verbal communication. Make it profitable.

Watch this video and you'll understand why body language is crucial in business, politics, media, sales.
Length of video: 1:3o:13  
Is there any explanation for the college admisssion interviews to be in the focus again? Recent findings prove that written communication is limited in conveying feelings and attitudes. Is this why in modern communication (emails, memos or chat) young people mainly add emoticons? Isn't it a way to avoid misunderstanding? Isn't it why a face-to-face conversation is more reliable than any other type of communication?

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alumnus *(male singular) = university graduate, former employee or member
alumna (female singular)
alumni (plural)

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