Sunday, 7 August 2011


Do humans have trouble communicating despite the fact speech has evolved a lot -  about 2,700 languages and over 500,000 words in the English dictionaries?
Teacher – student, parent – kids or business communication has become a topic much debated and studied all over the world. Efficient or effective? That’s the question. We are always in a hurry to carry out our responsibilities as parents, teachers, to sign contracts, to complete tasks. So, it’s important to be efficient: a few words, limited time, brief and to the point messages. The response can be positive, negative or no response at all because efficient does not mean two-way communication. To make sure the message is understood, effective interpersonal communication must be established. This implies eye contact, paying respect, receiving feedback, time to validate each other’s needs, worries, interests etc.

Besides many other barriers to effective communications, noise can affect mutual understanding. We are losing listening. Not only do we need our health back, but we also need to learn again how to listen and Julian Treasure suggests LISTENING should be taught in schools. Do you think it is necessary or possible? How?
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