Sunday, 30 January 2011

Who needs a real, living being in a computer?

How do you rate this gaming experience? Disturbing, creepy, funny, siniter?

Peter Molyneux demos Milo, the virtual boy | Video on

Until having watched the video I'd given little attention to this type of computer technology. A quick surf of the internet, and the result blew up my mind: at a click of the mouse I got a list of about 150 virtual reality sites: for the newbies, for the techies, for 7 year olds, for the artists etc. How many more? This, I'm not interested in. But a question is haunting me: What have they been created for? This is a good topic for an essay:
Virtual reality - a benefit to our society, or detrimental to those who use it?
If you have little experience in writing an essay, go to:
Please share freely in the comments below. Did I miss anything important here?

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