Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to spell words you don't know

Four helpful techniques to help you sharpen your spelling skills:

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Words with multiple meanings

The English language is crazy. The English language has a great number of words with a diversity of meanings. here's the top 10 list of words with multiple meanings that can confuse the learners. The words themselves are not difficult, but most stadardized tests assess knowledge of multiple meaning words, sometimes because of the unfamilier farmat of the questions in the vocabulary section. They can be grouped according to:
different capitalization -- "You may see a rainbow in May."
different punctuation -- "I sent my résumé hoping to find a job and resume working."
different parts of speech -- "I like to run" (verb) vs. "I like to go for a run" (noun)
different tense -- "I would like to read the book you just read."
different degrees (literal or figurative) -- "The general ranks above the corporal" vs. "The plane flies above the rooftops."

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